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Your Super Simple Logbook

Jots is a web-based logbook — for everything you might need to track

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Some things you might wanna jot down:

In addition to logging, we've got:

Combined Views

Have the ability to combine multiple cards (your different logbooks) into one view.

Let's say you're tracking different expenses separately, but now wanna combine related expenses into one view. Combined views has you covered.

Check out the example with aquarium expenses.

Timeline View

Great for reviewing everything you've logged for a certain day.

Everything you've been separately logging, in one chronological view.

Resizes on mobile

We don't have any Android or iOS apps right now, but everything on Jots resizes on your small screen.

So no need to be zooming in and out.

As long as you're connected to the web, you're good to go!

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